New section in the app

We now also have a section in the app. Reach it by going to Settings and then “Home automation”:

It looks like this:

You can use the drop down menu, for instance, to select “Heat pump”:

Or dishwasher:

Or refrigerator:

There are some more entries:

If you already have IFTTT set up, it’s a very quick way to set things up since you’re led directly to configure the applet that enables the use case for the type of device you have selected. If you don’t have IFTTT set up yet, you’ll have to onboard with them and then you can continue with the applet.

We’re of course looking to make it even more user friendly, so suggestions are welcome!

Let us know if you need any help or if you have comments!

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I love this!
Any change you can (at some point) throw Home Assistant in there as well?

I have dynamic power in there, but it would be great if I can say “this device runs 2 hours” and Home Assistant uses your API’s to select when the cheapest 2 hours will be :slight_smile:

Would also allow to pre-run my AC in peak hours, so it can slow down in lower peak hours, yet using a little bit more power, but stabalizing the grid while doing so :slight_smile:

BTW; I started using the app only recently, but I love it already. Especially since there’s so much potential with for example charging and discharging people’s home batteries in the futre!

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IFTTT was actually a quick experiment to enable a lot more people to use Stekker and save some money by being more green. It’s getting positive usage, though, but I have to admit its not our big point of focus for the future.

Anyway… Just to paint a picture together of how that would work: A community built plugin in Home Assistant would perform a GET request to retrieve prices. In its query is:

  • start of daily window to run within
  • end of window
  • number of (cheapest) hours to run
  • invert (use most expensive hours instead)
  • the power market that applies in your case.

This would be 90% analogous to how IFTTT retrieves data from our platform.

Are you able to make Home Assistant plugins? I think its best if the person with a use case has a big say in how that plugin should work. Moreover, we can’t develop every integration ourselves.

Anything else you would need?

Yes Home Assistant would be great

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We currently don’t have the bandwidth to make this integration, but we can support you if you’re interested in taking the lead.