Your "If This Then That" (IFTTT) use case!

I have a similar problem as HansKeesom. I use Powermarket AT (Austria), and the applet will always trigger at 4:01am, regardless if that’s the lowest price or not.

The last 3 days I told the applet to run only at 5am or later, it did not trigger at all.

The only time it triggered at a different time was the day I ran the app the first time (25 July).

PS: Austrian Power Prices are published here (change drop-down from „Blockprodukte“ to „Stundenprodukte“)

Hi KenMur, welcome!

Thanks for pointing this out. Sorry it doesn’t work as intended yet. You reaching out gives me more information to go off of. I will investigate and report back here. Please allow for some time, because this is an unpaid feature (which we of course want to support, but it doesn’t pay our bills :slightly_smiling_face:)

OK, I think I have it working, Using 4 applets I can trigger 4 different scenarios in my smartlife app. they are called power on and power off that control the smartplugs on the mains of my transferswitches and charging on and charging off that controll smartplugs that are on AC-in of my Ecoflow Delta powerstations.
Every hour I can see which scenarios are run, often the same as an hour before so not changing anything.

I will explain in more detail soon if it is thoroughly tested.

I problably miss only one option, to be able to set a minimal delta % that must exist between the highest price of that day and the lowest price of the day. If that option was a condition that needs to be true and if not the action is not fired…

But first let me test these 4 applets!!!

I have noticed a small problem. Everytime I change a applet and save it, it will run a few minutes later and will run like 40 times, instead of running at xx:00 and only once.
Now that I now I can wait for it and correct what needs to be corrected, but it is weird.

@HansKeesom and @KenMur,

Can you go the the applet and check if you experience the following?

  • go to the Activity Log (e.g. showing errors). Go here by picking “View activity”. If it says “Applet failed” recently, tap that entry and check if you see “There was a problem with your trigger”. If so, reconfigure the applet.

  • When reconfiguring it, ensure the “Before” is later than the “From” time, since something can’t run “before” midnight.

What is valid?

Before: 5pm
From: 0am

After changing this, make sure you saved it correctly.

I checked that and it is fine. However, the order of Before and From should logically be reverse to my idea, first From and then Before, making it a period.

My activity logs run without errors at the moment. Changing also went fine, but that was from iphone app, not using website.

My setup is running smooth now. Very happy

I’m really glad it’s working fine now!

I agree that the order needs to be reversed, the order should indeed start with From and then Before. I was able to change it and this change is now live!

Thanks, that will help people understand what it is.

The app has been working the last 4 days as expected. Thank you for fixing it.

Hi @KenMur, glad to hear that. Also: thanks for letting us know! :slightly_smiling_face:

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