Cupra with Alfen Charger connted via eflux

Hello, I have a Cupra Born that is connected to my Alfen charger. The Charger has an eFlux SIM and is online and active in Eflux, so that seems ok.

Eflux is connected to Stekker, that connection is also working fine.

But still the only way to start a loading session is by activating it with my Alfen rfid card on the charger…

So I could use some help to get this working.
Any ideas ?

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Hi Pim,

Welcome to the community and also, sorry for the late reply!

You’ve already gotten quite far. It’s important for me to understand what you’re desired/expected behavior is, because we can also use that to influence our development roadmap. Currently Stekker doesn’t affect the fact that you need to authorise at your charge point. However, for vehicles for which we receive the State of Charge from the vehicle, we support Automatic Smart Chariging. For these people, the only thing they need to do when they come home, is plug in. In your case this is also possible, but you need to update/provide the State of Charge manually to get an optimal planning.

I’m sure this leaves you with some questions but I’ll try to respond and keep it interactive!