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Dutch post!
Dag iedereen!

Here I’d like to list the Dutch Dynamic Contract Partners. If you have experiences with any, feel free to review/recommend them. If you have any to add, please do so.

EasyEnergy (gelieerd aan NieuweStoom)
All-in Power
Groenestroom lokaal

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Hier straat ook een overzicht:

I currently use Frank energy, quite happy with them. I know some of my colleagues have Tibber.

I’m with EnergyZero for about 1,5 years now. I think they’re fine. Nowadays you can’t sign up directly through then anymore, but they’re the party behind ANWB Energie and a few others. Their app and web portal is a bit outdated and they have no hardware to monitor your power usage, so for that I use the EARN-E.

There’s also Zonneplan missing from your list. And EasyEnergy, but that’s effectively the same company as Nieuwestroom. Roughly speaking, Nieuwestroom targets businesses and EasyEnergy targets consumers.

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In dit lijstje hoort ook easyEnergy ( Energie voor de échte inkoopprijs | easyEnergy)


Hoi @Erwtje,

Welkom op ons forum! En inderdaad easyEnergy hoort ook in de lijst!

This is an interesting and quite in depth comparison of rates in the Netherlands. It’s recent and it’s in Dutch, which makes sense of course for this market.

Here they talk about Stekker:

Here they talk about the comparisons. Kieszon seems to be priced the lowest:

I just found another one with dynamic prices: “New Energy

Don’t know much about it yet, except the info on their website.


Fijn, dankjewel, hij staat er ook bij!

I use Vandebron. Happy with the concept but they are lacking a bit regarding innovation.
I am now in trial for dynamic contract and use stekker.com for turning waschinemachine on when prices below 0 eurocents.
When price aboven 25 cent I will push from my battery into the grid.

Still looking how to integrate some scripts that I run inside smart life.

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I think that you could (if you’re interested in that) you could get some exposure on what you’re doing with Vandebron from them. They are always on the lookout for inspiration to put in newsletters and such.

Vandebron indicated they are interested at what people do during the pilot of dynamic contract. I also indicated on facebook I am testing this setup.
I am working on a document about my experiment and will demonstrate how I used stekker.com and two ifttt.com accounts to make everything go automatic.
Actually I think Vandebron could repackage your system or integrated into theirs. Lot’s of good option.

That is really cool. I’m glad you’re documenting it because I think many more people could be interested. Both on this forum, but also on places like Tweakers.net, Vandebron customers who are in the pilot, etc. Is there a place for communications to Vandebron users or Vandebron themselves (regarding the pilot)? If not, I have spoken to the CTO at some point.

Vandebron could indeed use a repackaged IFTTT service. We can set up an identical copy quite easily. Currently it’s connected to the account only for the market. For Vandebron there would be no need to integrate with a Stekker account, but we can still provide the triggers and everything else.

I’m curious to see what the document looks like whenever you’re ready to show it.

Here’s a really nice updated list of energy suppliers with dynamic contracts:

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