What happens when triggering a NIBE Heat Pump? (answered)

I got the following question from Jeroen, which might be interesting to more people here:

Hi! I started using your IFTTT for the NIBE heat pump today.

What exactly do you mean by “Your NIBE heat pump will start boosting the hot water production”?

  1. Does this mean that the water will only start heating when the ‘cheap’ hours (during the day and at night) begin? And as long as that is not the case, no water will be heated but will be used?
  2. Does this mean that the standard temperature (of the tap water) is temporarily increased? And if so, by how many degrees?

I look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

My answer was:
I suspect it works like this (I have now set it up for a number of people with a NIBE):

The water is also still heated according to the normal preferences as set in the heat pump. That is not directly influenced, but indirectly. Because it is extra heated during a cheap hour, less or later needs to be reheated. Effectively, I could answer yes to 1 unless too much hot water is used.

This is indeed the mechanism, as far as I have read correctly. The exact amount of degrees is device-specific and you should best look up in the device documentation. I can’t see which device you have linked in IFTTT because we only send the trigger to IFTTT without further feedback.

With a NIBE that extracts its heat from the air, you have an additional advantage, namely that the heat is extracted at a warm moment, so less electrical energy is needed. The CoP is then extra high. This is partly/completely offset by the fact that the temporarily desired temperature is also higher. Fortunately, the differences in price are so large that you are doing the grid a service (more sustainable energy can be generated) without it costing you anything (and probably regularly also brings you something).